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Top 5 Hacks for Online Teachers

For educators
Teacher Hacks

Working online is now more relevant than ever, with countless individuals and companies all over the world making the change from office working to remote working, being able to work online in the future.

One profession that has seen one of the biggest shifts is teachers. For now, the classroom doors have been left closed, and online teaching on an international scale is in place.

Being an online teacher is necessary for many as this has become their only option, and teachers everywhere are having to adapt to their new way of work. The job of an online teacher is to do exactly what they would in a classroom or education environment.

Except via the internet on video calls with a computer to one student or even dozens of students at once. As you would imagine, teaching this way can present some of its own unique challenges; not having students face-to-face or being able to perform lessons, in the same manner, is an adjustment, but in today’s world, it is essential.

Therefore, if you are currently facing such a scenario, or are looking at how to be an online teacher, then you have come to the right place. Below we have everything you need to know how to become an online teacher, and our top five teacher hacks to make the experience as stressfree as possible for you.

How to Become an Online Teacher

You may have the drive, the desire, and the qualifications, but not the knowledge of how to be an online teacher. Well, don’t worry, we have some handy tips to help you land a teaching job online, it’s not as stressful as you might think!

Improve Your Skills

Online teaching takes even more organizing, and self-discipline than a classroom. You are now in your own environment and are in charge of your own resources, and file management.

Additionally, you will have to be competent with a computer in order to be able to carry out lessons smoothly and efficiently.


If you are already a teacher, this will probably be a little easier for you. Reach out to other teachers, educators, or anyone you know in the field who may have job opportunities online.

Browse Job Sites

Just like with non-remote working, online jobs are also advertised online through job sites, and with it becoming increasingly popular, you should have no trouble finding thousands of listings.

You may also be able to find job openings or applications available on online teacher forums. For an online job, the best place to look will always be online, but it is important to check that the job you are applying for is legitimate.

For those with a teaching degree, being an online teacher can be hugely beneficial. Being able to deliver your classes from anywhere in the world, to anyone in the world, with flexibility and in an environment that you are most comfortable in, can be greatly rewarding to your work life.

Top 5 Teacher Hacks

When you are an online teacher, especially if you have come from an in-person job, things will seem very different at first. The change can feel a bit overwhelming, so it’s understandable that you might want a teacher hack or two to help you adjust – and we have just the hacks you need!

1. Use InsertLearing

Our first teacher hack on the list is InsertLearning, this is a tool that helps you keep things interactive. During lessons, there will be many occasions where you will want to share a page or website with your students.

However, you don’t want to just send it to them and let them read it to themselves. You need to be going through it with them, making sure they understand what they are reading, and ensuring that you are highlighting the most important parts.

With InsertLearning you can highlight parts of the page, write out questions for specific students, and even write explanations on screen.

2. Share Resources

Teachers Pay Teachers is a site that lets teachers share resources and lesson plans. There are over three million worksheets, lesson plans, and other teaching resources on the site, that you can use or even contribute your own to help other teachers. Being able to share resources can take a lot of the stress out of the planning.

3. Use Online Prompts

Online writing prompts are a fantastic way to keep your students interested and excited about writing. A site called WriteAbout offers thousands of writing prompts covering a huge range of topics and means you don’t have the pressure of coming up with your own subjects week after week.

What’s more, you can delegate some work of lessons planning and creating engaging content. There are services providing custom academic writing that can reduce the time for writing and formatting, and free your head up for creativity.

4. Improvise a Whiteboard

This teacher hack may seem a little more unconventional, but it works! There are sites out there offering an online whiteboard, but they are not always reliable, or that easy to use. If you are struggling, create your own by using non-permanent markers on your tiled bathroom walls!

5. Use Audext

Audext is an audio to text converter that can greatly increase your productivity and efficiency with teaching. With Audext you can record voice notes, future lessons, and even study guides for your students without having to write a single thing – the audio to text converter does it all for you.

Imagine being able to have tens or hundreds of hours worth of text just by speaking aloud. You can even record notes and important points for any students who may not be able to attend class and send them the text to study as homework or revision.

With audio to text converter the amount of time you save can be invaluable to your life, and being able to make sure all your students have the study materials and notes they need to succeed will be invaluable to theirs.

Check out Audext on the website and make your daily teaching life better.

Learning how to be an online teacher isn’t as scary as you would initially think; just by brushing up on the right skills and using tools such as audio to text converter, you make all the difference to your prospects and daily workload.

By following our guide and using a great teacher hacks, you will be well on your way to having the kind of job you always dreamed of.

Katrin Deres 08/28/2020
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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