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Top Tricks That Will Make You A Content Writing Guru

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When people first hear about content writing, most think it sounds like an easy job, one that they can perfect overnight and be a world-class writer by morning creating website content immediately and consistently creating good content.

However, the reality is a little different, it can actually be an extremely tough gig that requires a lot of patience and practice to do well. So, if this is a word that you are starting to explore. Or if you’re already doing it and are wanting some content writing tips, then read on for some very useful information!

What is Content Writing in the Modern World?

Let’s start with the obvious question of what is content writing? Content writing has been around for about thirty years, and it is used to describe online writing pieces that are placed on relevant websites, and repurposing content whenever it is placed.

Some content writing examples include blogs, articles, newsletters, scripts, and so forth, on websites. This type of content writing is usually used to attract an audience, help with marketing, and enable more people online to find the website in question, via, for example, the keywords used in the website content which is one of the requirements for search engine optimization (SEO).

Website content always has this purpose and is, therefore, separate from other types of copywriting such as news articles, reviews, and such. So, now you hopefully understand what is content writing better, let’s look at why we need website content, and which writing services can we use.

Why Do We Usually Need Content Writing in Everyday Life?

If a business has any kind of online presence, they’ll need to have content writing on their site or links via their social media in order to help reach their goals and have more success – some benefits include the following.

  • Improve where your business is ranked on a search engine;
  • Convert more customers and first-time buyers;
  • Educate visitors to your site about your business;
  • Stand out from other similar businesses with commanding and high-quality content.

The most important benefit is the search engine ranking; it is estimated that 75% of users never look beyond page one of search results, so if you can get on the first page you’ll be far more noticed.

As you can see, with good content, websites can dramatically improve their number of unique visitors and, in turn, sell more products or have a bigger audience see their site.

This is why businesses are always trying to find out more about how to create content if there are is a content writing app that can help, or hire a team to write the necessary good content for them.

Content Writing Tips You Need To Know

We have some great content writing tips that can instantly help make your content writing better, especially if you’re struggling with how to create content – let’s take a look at some of our top content writing tips and see why they will help make good content.

  • Keep your heading or title catchy;
  • Make the first sentence a head turner so you instantly get the reader’s attention;
  • Write only researched and factual content;
  • Break up walls of text with graphics and illustrations if necessary;
  • Site sources and data that you use in the article to give a complete and factual picture;
  • Don’t use filler language or repeat points to increase the word count;
  • Write in the style of the business you are representing;
  • Use keywords, short sentences, and bullet points for better SEO;
  • Review and edit work before submitting.

These writing tips are simple and extremely effective in helping you create great content writing examples for your clients or potential clients. If you need further help or want to see other people’s content writing examples, then you can search online to find some.

Content Writing Tools and Apps For Your Effective Usage

A great additional content writing tips is to use a content writing app to help with your work. Let’s have a look at a few examples of tools and apps that can help your website content in different ways.


The first content writing app is Ideaflip, this tool is great for helping you organize and refine your ideas. It can help you build upon any initial ideas you have as well as brainstorm with you to help you improve your ideas.

Ideaflip as one of content writing tips

Don’t get in a mess with ideas on scraps of paper everywhere, or just writing the first idea that comes to mind, instead use this tool to do the tracking and improvements for you.


Grammarly is a must-have content writing app, it’s an essential tool and your work will be much better because of it. You can write your content directly into Grammarly and the tool will check your work along the way for misspellings, bad grammar, or missing punctuation.


It’s especially helpful if you write quickly and will catch mistakes that maybe you wouldn’t notice otherwise. There two downsides, firstly, you have to pay for a premium subscription, although generally, a basic free subscription is good enough.

Secondly, occasionally, this content writing app can make an erroneous suggestion or also miss a mistake, but it still more than advantageous in helping you learn how to create content.


Canva is a great writing tool that will help you create fantastic and unique graphics and illustrations including banners, icons, images, badges, and so much more.

Canva as one of content writing tips

Canva is the perfect way to liven up articles and blogs grabbing the reader’s attention and making your content more memorable. There are some graphics and options within Canva that you have to pay for, but there is a huge range of choices that are completely free.


This content writing app is so helpful because it can help you organize and schedule all of the content posts that you write for social media. Instead of having to set reminders to post content that is due.

Hootsuite as one of content writing tips

Instead, you can queue any upcoming work in this app, and Hootsuite with a schedule, and upload the content automatically so you never have to worry about missing a deadline.


Audext is an audio transcription tool that can also be highly beneficial to you while you are content writing!

How content writing can benefit from the transcription? During your research for articles, quite often you will have to listen to recordings, listen to reports, listen to interviews, and so on to help you write the best information in your content.

However, you are already spending an abundance of time writing your content, so you don’t want to be spending even more time manually transcribing the information from the audios.

This is where Audext comes it. With its ability to transcribe audio to text effectively and efficiently, it can do the work for you, saving you any extra effort or any of your valuable time – head over to start your free trial today!

That`s it!

Use these content writing tools, put into practice the content writing tips, and seek out content writing examples to ensure that you are always able to deliver the best work possible!

And remember – creativity is nothing without content understanding and human efforts!

Katrin Deres 01/15/2021
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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