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Audio and Video Transcription Services: Qualitative and Affordable for Everyone

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Affordable Transcription Services

What are transcription services?

Affordable transcription services are vital for anyone who is a producer of high-quality video or audio content. And for those who want to make their content more understandable and accessible.

The essential principle of audio and video transcription services is very simple. They take your audio or video clip as input and they will produce a clear and accurate transcription of all the dialogue in the clip.

There are lots of businesses where transcription services are essential. For example, if you are a podcaster then you might want to make your content available in written format.

Podcast Recording and Transcription Process
Podcast Recording and Transcription

It shows commitment and professionalism. Why? As you are making the content available to people with hearing impairments.

But beyond that, it is also a good way of managing your records and looking back for referencing purposes in the future.

Lots of podcasters make use of this feature, and it might be one way to help your podcast to stand out in this now crowded field. It is also helping to increase the rankings of the podcast or boost the SEO on a specific page of a blog.

Another motivation for people transcribing their audio or video content is for translation. Having a clear, accurate reproduction of the spoken word is the first stage. It helps to produce an accurate translation of your video or podcast in another language.

This is another useful feature that can quickly expand the market for your content and win your fans all over the world.

Audio and video transcription services are even more practical for producers of video content. If you are an entrepreneurial Youtuber, or if you film things in a professional capacity for your job. Or for voluntary organizations, then transcription services can make a big difference to your life.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and wished that there were accurate subtitles in the film? Have you ever wondered how to add subtitles to youtube video?

Well, affordable transcription services are the solution to this universal problem. Thankfully, transcribing video has never been easier.

People may want good subtitles for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps they are looking at your video during a busy commute on public transport, and they forget their headphones. Or maybe there is a patch of unclear, mumbled audio in the video.

Transcriptions can add meaning and help iron out any confusion that might otherwise exist.

If you want to add these all-important subtitles, you must first use transcription services. It is needed to record the precise spoken content (better by using a professional voice recorder) of the piece, which is where services like Audext come in.

Audext is positioned at the cutting edge of transcription technology. It uses convenient, app-based software to transcribe youtube video to text at blistering speed. And it offers a host of other features as well, such as editing features and speaker recognition.

Technology like this is so elegant, accessible, and affordable. Then you really have no excuse to not make your audio and video content as good as it can be. How? By providing your audience with a clear and comprehensive transcript.

How can you transcribe video and audio?

In the past transcribing video and audio used to be a long and painful process. Most home producers of content were forced to do the job themselves, manually. There is no doubt that this is a boring, repetitive process that consumes far too much brain space.

You would have to listen back to the content slowly, pausing regularly to jot down everything you hear, and note who said what. This could add many hours to the video to text editing and production process, and leave the creator feeling drained and diminished.

In professional situations, creators may be able to outsource this tedious job but the end result was the same. Some poor souls had to manually comb through the video and type out everything they heard. As well as the tedium, there were a number of other problems with this slow, non-automated approach.

Mistakes were commonplace and often quotes were attributed to the wrong speaker. What`s more, this was a human-driven process that raised a privacy issue. As you would have to send your content to another person to have them transcribe it.

Thankfully, those days are in the past. All you need to do is buy a plan with Audext and use their fast and efficient online service to convert and transcribe all the content you want.

You can buy time on its system using any one of their affordably priced plans.

The benefits of this automated route are undeniable. It is 200 times faster than traditional systems that are reliant on human transcribers.

It is also far more affordable, easier to get started with, and there is guaranteed privacy and security for your works.

How can you not love:

  • the time savings
  • the efficiency
  • the lower costs
  • affordable transcription services
  • the accessibility
  • the added privacy and content security

How to use Audext in order to convert audio and video to text?

Using Audext couldn`t be simpler.

The first thing you need to do is create an account on the Audext website. You can use your google account to speed this process up.

Next, take a look at a series of pricing plans and choose the one that best fits your needs. We have a great variety available and differ in terms of hours available and price, so there is one to suit everybody.

Once you`ve done that and paid for your time (or when you get your first 30 minutes), you can upload your audio and video files. And then get down to transcribe video and audio which is going to help you answer the question of how can I make my subtitles look good?

Audio to text converter
Audio and Video Converter

Audext is compatible with a wide variety of file formats, including all the common formats such as .mp3 and .mp4. Once the transcription is completed your transcripts will be available for download in a series of easily viewed formats.

Make sure you allow sufficient time for the transcription process. Transcribing video and audio this way is much faster than manual transcription.

We are making a difference because of how our AI-based platform works. The technology behind this process is unrivaled in the industry. Audext makes use of cutting-edge machine-learning processes to transcribe the video.

Also, it does fully automated work, cutting out the human middleman from the equation. This offers incredible benefits in terms of cost, time savings, and ever-precious security.

So, if you`re still using manual transcriptions for your content, then join the 21 st century with Audext.

Katrin Deres 07/10/2020
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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