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All You Need To Know About Medical Transcription

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Medical Transcription

The world of medical transcription isn’t always an easy one to break into. It’s a highly-skilled job that needs a lot of dedication and accuracy. But medical transcription can be rewarding with both job satisfaction, and often the salary.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at a few points such as what is medical transcription? What does a medical transcriptionist do? And other helpful pieces of advice and comments about the medical transcription service.

What Is Medical Transcription?

Let’s begin with what is medical transcription?

Well, medical transcription is the process of transcribing the medical notes of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and other healthcare professionals.

Medical transcription can be carried out by medical professionals. Or it is outsourced to a medical transcriptionist or someone in the field of medical transcription services.

Who Is A Medical Transcriptionist?

Why is medical transcription necessary?

Medical transcription necessary because communication between patients and medical personnel is vital. Especially when it comes to record-keeping, diagnosis possibilities, health plans, relevant questions, or resources that need exploring, past afflictions.

Without it, the effectiveness of a healthcare professional in all these instances would be pretty low.

Medical transcription isn’t easy. If you speak to a medical transcriptionist they will tell you that it can be difficult to get clients in the beginning. There is added pressure as you will usually be self-employed.

However, once you can get steady work in medical transcription, flexibility is a huge benefit to being a medical transcriptionist. If this sounds like a job you would be interested in doing, you can find more information on how to become a transcriptionist.

What Does a Medical Transcriptionist Do?

Next, let’s look at what does a medical transcriptionist do?

A medical transcriptionist transcribes any audio or video files that are sent from medical personnel, and they know how to use business transcription properly as it is needed in everyday life.

This could be some simple notes or reminders, or it could be a diagnosis or health plan. The written version is then sent back to the medical personnel for their records. Any and all things relevant to a medical field are included in the job of a medical transcriptionist.

To succeed in medical transcription you need three things.

  • fast and accurate typing skills;
  • you need to have good hearing. Often doctors will speak quickly, unclearly, or there will be a lot of noise in the background;
  • you will need a perfect understanding of medical words such as diagnoses, anatomy, and pharmaceuticals.

Without these, your medical transcription won’t be up to the standard required. And it is important to know how to produce quality transcription.

Medical Transcriptionist
Medical Transcriptionist

5 Hacks on How to Be a Great Medical Transcriptionist

Now that we have answered questions such as what does a medical transcriptionist do. And we already explored other parts of medical transcriptionist work.

Now we can look at some top tips for anyone who works in medical transcription or is thinking of making it their new career.

Medical transcription can definitely be fun and a great learning opportunity. So becoming a medical transcriptionist is a fantastic goal.

1. Proofread

Don’t assume that your medical transcription is 100% perfect every time. No matter how good you are, or how long you’ve been doing the transcription jobs remote, it’s easy to make small hard to notice errors in your medical transcription.

Spend a few moments after you have completed the assignment proofreading what you have written. Those few minutes can ensure accuracy and give you a better reputation in the medical transcription services field.

2. Practice Typing

One of the main priorities in medical transcription, aside from accuracy, is speed.

If you can’t keep up with the expectations of whoever is hiring you for your medical transcription services, then your job won’t last as long as you’d like.

Being fast without losing accuracy is essential in medical transcription, so in your spare time, it is worth practicing. It doesn’t have to be medical transcription that you are typing, just anything that is going to help you develop your typing skills.

3. Listen First

You might think it is a waste of time to listen to the medical transcription audio without transcribing, but it’s not.

You’ll frequently find that a lot of times when you are transcribing, the audio isn’t clear. Or maybe someone has a strong accent that you find difficult to understand. Trying to overcome these barriers while also focusing on writing slows you down a huge amount.

By listening to the audio first you can get a clear idea about what’s coming up. Also, you can concentrate on what was said and it will acclimatize your hearing to the speakers. What for? It makes your medical transcription services a lot quicker overall.

4. Clarify

Medical transcription can be a tough job. You will come across literally hundreds of words that you will be completely unfamiliar with.

But that’s okay, this happens to all medical transcriptionists at some point. Not knowing these words isn’t the problem, the problem comes if you try and guess their context or spelling.

Asking for clarification from your client is an option, but it’s better to use the internet to double-check meanings and spellings.

It gives you the opportunity to learn new words that you think you will come up against in the future of your medical transcription career. You want your medical transcription services to stand out above the rest, so seek help when necessary.

5. Use AI-Powered Transcription Services

Artificial Intelligence has an influence on all our lives on a daily basis, often without us even realizing it.

One such way is using automated programs to help make our workloads faster and easier. AI is a great way to make medical transcription more accurate and quicker. An example of an AI tool that does this is Audext.
This is an audio transcription service that converts speech to text with high accuracy which is needed in medical transcribing.

Audio To Text Converter
Audio To Text Converter

Think about how much time you can save when you are doing your medical transcription by using audio to text efficiently.

What are the benefits? in-built editor, it supports the majority of video and audio formats, has an autosave feature, speaker recognition, meaning it can differentiate between all the speakers in the audio and label them as such.
Your medical transcription can be highly efficient and accurate with the assistance of an AI like Audext.

And what’s more, new users can even start with a 30-minutes free trial exclusively.

Medical transcribers have an important job. Without those people, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals would fall behind on their own work. Or they would make mistakes in their notes and references that could lead to serious consequences.

Being a medical transcriptionist can be a tough job. But with the right training, knowledge, and a little help from an AI tool such as Audext, you can join the medical transcription world with confidence.

Katrin Deres 09/19/2020
Katrin runs her own podcast show, and interested in best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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