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Hacks On How To Create Good Subtitles

For videographers
Hacks On Good Subtitles Font

Good subtitles and using the correct subtitle font play a very crucial role in the infotainment industry. Subtitles are heavily relied upon by viewers. To cite examples, deaf people rely on subtitles to watch any program on TV, computers, or mobile phones.

People prefer good subtitles because of the poor quality of speakers given in low-quality mobile phones. Laptops, or for that matter not disturbing the baby sleeping.

Let us talk about the same at length and understand the applicability of the same. We will also look into the technology available today to help you understand how to create subtitles online?

How to Create Subtitles

One would have that obvious question in mind “how to create subtitles?” Well nothing to worry about, help is here. Let us understand the basics of creating good subtitles.

  • Avoid giving too much visual text at a time
  • Use multiple subtitle options (linguistic), preferably the local language of your target audience
  • Allow enough time for viewers to read
  • Font used for subtitles

How Can I Make My Subtitles Look Good

Now that you have an understanding of how to create subtitles, the next question that might arise in your mind is, how can I make my subtitles look good? Well, the key to it is here:

  • The subtitle should contain a complete sentence
  • Subtitle font
  • Position the subtitles at the bottom and center-aligned

Let us now understand the fonts used for subtitles and their importance.

Now we understand the best possible subtitle font to use when creating subtitles. It is also important to know the best practices for creating good subtitles. Here we have a guide on how to create good subtitles:

Today there are many services available that create subtitles using audio to text converter, especially this feature is popular in some video creation software. And also it offers multiple language options.

One such example is VEED, the free version that allows the uploading of files up to 50MB. One can upload the video and choose the language of subtitle, the tool provides subtitles in a minute or two.

YouTube Automatic Caption has a speech recognition technology that is AI-driven. It converts Audio to Text automatically and you don`t have to use a professional voice recorder for the video. All you need to do is upload your video, go to the video manager, click on edit, and choose the subtitle option. The YouTube service does the rest.

Journalists today convert their audio to text before they go live on TV or other infotainment platforms. Unfortunately, this is a very time-consuming process and the chances of errors are high.

Transcription and editing tool provided by audio to text software that combines a media player and a text editor. It analyzes the audio file second by second, understanding each word spoken every second, and saves it as an audio recording. Not only that, it is easy to use and is very efficient.

How Does Audext Convert Audio Files To Text?

Using the services offered by Audext is very simple.

  • Create an account on the website
  • Choose a pricing plan that fits your need
  • Upload the file or just drag and drop in the box provided
  • Enjoy the result
Audio to text upload

The website supports all file types known, hence you can rest assured the job will be done.

Benefits Of Audext

It is really cost-effective to purchase, as it offers per hour-based charging. It is hard not to mention the tool is AI-based and is unparalleled in the market. It also offers full data security and hence at no point you are vulnerable to cyber threats.

Audext boasts of its efficiency and is known to be faster than other traditional software when it comes to transcribing. So if you are still using the traditional ways to transcribe, it is about time you give it a try.

Today technology offers us a way to transcribe YouTube videos to text free. There is no human intervention in the process, it is a full-proof way of making your precious hard work count.

So if you are a podcaster or a vlogger, going for automated affordable transcription services is the in-thing of the century. You should look into it and move to such a platform. This will not only help you scale up your business but also reduce the cycle-time and dependency on third-party services.

So do not hesitate, create your own good subtitles with us!

Katrin Deres 08/21/2020
Katrin runs her own podcast show, and interested in best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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