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How To Boost Your Business Using Online Presentation Tools

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Online presentation tools

Online presentation software is becoming more popular than ever, with people working out of the office more and more. And the fact that it helps businesses boost their operations means that companies are taking advantage of all kinds of free online presentation tools and are making their business transcription dealings more effective.

Unsurprisingly, in a world that is bursting with tools, software, apps, and programs, it is really easy to find a whole range of free online presentation tools – check out some of our recommendations below and start using the best presentation software. 

What is online presentation software?

Online presentation software is a bit like PowerPoint, just a whole lot more advanced. With online presentations, you can create your presentation, add slides, graphics, audio, videos, soundtracks, more or less anything you’ll ever need for any kind of situation.

From here, this presentation can be uploaded to a specific platform or area, the presentation can then be watched by whoever is allowed to see it, all these people can watch it as many times as they want, wherever they want, and you can edit it anytime you want. Online presentation tools are very effective and extremely convenient for many businesses.

Online presentation tools for businesses

How can it help you to develop your business?

Online presentation tools can help develop your business in a number of key areas, let’s have a look at some of the main points.

1. Educate, Motivate, and Inform

There is no quicker way to do all of these things than via a professional, interactive, and captivating online presentation.

In just a matter of minutes, workers can learn new about new skills, or new sales techniques. People can be motivated to purchase a product or deal with your company. New workers or potential clients can be informed about important information you want them to know about your business.

2. Access Anytime

Needing to present information to a client, or training new recruits in person can be tricky, finding a time when everyone is free can feel impossible.

It’s especially important when dealing with other businesses and you are, for example, trying to seal a business deal as soon as possible. However, with online presentation tools, you don’t need to find time to meet in person, anyone can access it when it’s convenient for them, reaching more people than ever.

3. Interaction

Because you can add so many audio and visual features with online presentation tools, as well as sounds, pictures, slides, and other aspects, your online presence can be hugely effective and leave a lasting impression on those who see it.

Best Presentation Software

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the following online presentation software options, which include free online presentation tools. 

1. Decktopus 

Decktopus is a new generation presentation tool that helps you create a visually engaging presentation in an extremely short time, without having to worry about the design and structural features.  

Decktopus almost fully automates the presentation preparation process letting you spend time on the things that matter – the content.


2. Beautiful.ai

The service is based on AI technology that applies the rules of great design in real-time. Of course, you can create beautiful pitches and proposals in minutes—no designers or long hours required.


3. Mentimeter

This is an interactive presentation platform, powerful yet easy-to-use with features that enable you to prepare, present, and analyze presentations.


4. Emaze

The service is aimed at creating beautiful digital presentations automatically. And even more. You can create photo albums, blogs, e-cards, websites, and presentations as well.


5. Slides.com

Slides is a suite of modern presentation tools, available right from your browser. Unlike traditional presentation software, there’s no need to download anything – you can present it there.


How can Audext benefit your presentations?

Audext is an excellent tool that can help you create your online presentations even faster. Also, it will be a great addition to any of the best free presentation software.

This is an audio to text converter software, where transcribing can be done in minutes rather than hours. The software can differentiate between speakers in the audio, and you can use the vast editing features to find words, replace them, track your place, and much more.

Your online presentation is full of important text, and with Audext you can record everything you need to put in your presentation. Then let this tool convert it to text in a flash ready to be uploaded.

Drag and drop

Online presentation tools are the way forward, don’t get stuck behind wasting time on PowerPoint or other similar programs. Do not produce basic presentations that aren’t effective and not capturing anyone’s attention.

We have given you a great idea of some of the best free presentation software available, so check them out and transform your business.

Katrin Deres 11/06/2020
Katrin runs her own podcast show, and interested in best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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