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The Best Solutions for Choosing Android Voice Recorder and Converting It To Text

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Have you thought about how many words you speak in a minute? So, you use about 110-130 words in your chat per minute. And this is five times more than if you were typing. It turns out that people spend a lot of time creating a message that could be voiced, sent, and forgotten.

Fast typing skills are useful for communication in social networks only. But the reasons for which a person needs to record the conversation of great variety:

  • you have dictated some critical information, and there is no pen or paper at hand;
  • you can’t keep up with your lecturer on classes;
  • you are a journalist and interview by phone regularly;
  • you are blogging and doing podcasts;
  • you leave the complaint about technical support and want to document it;
  • you are threatened by the phone, and you want to save a record for the police;
  • finally, you just want to listen to a conversation with a loved one again.

As you can see, voice recording is useful for casual and working moments, and it can be easily transcribed! All you need – is your smartphone.

Let’s look at how the Android owner can use his device for the voice recording of phone conversations, business meetings, or interviews, and convert them into quality text.

What Is The Best Voice Record App For Android?

Fortunately, modern devices have long learned to solve voice recording problems. After all, almost on any phone, there is a function of voice notes. But you may not be satisfied with the standard app.

Surely you want something more advanced. Something that will allow you not only to record but also will give you the opportunity to fix a telephone conversation, set a recording timer or save the audio file in a convenient format.

Pay attention to the following voice recording apps for Android, which will solve these problems.

Fast Voice Recording With No Muss

The widespread choice among active people is the Sony Audio Recorder – one of the easiest-to-use dictaphones. It’s a pretty functional recorder.

This app can support several microphones on your device and provide a stereo recording of decent quality. In addition to advanced hardware support, it has all the basic functions.

1. Open the Sony Audio Recorder application.

2. Start recording the voice using the big REC button.

3. When you want to stop recording, press Stop.

After that, the file is already saved. Students and bloggers will love this app because you do not have to worry about saving and naming the record for a long time.

4. If you want, give the new name of your recording.

Recording voice

You can record voice material, save it, upload to various platforms (including cloud services), crop your record, and much more.

Let`s see how you can download your voice notes on Google Drive – available for every Google account owner and is very convenient for transferring files to your computer:


This way, in a few clicks your long lecture or interview is already stored on Google Drive and will not get lost. Now this record can be converted to text with online Audext transcription software and edited for the next work.

Google Drive

By the way, this app is absolutely free on the Play Market.

Record Your Interviews In Style And With Quality

Journalists do not always have the opportunity to have a conversation in a quiet place. A multi-function recorder for Android will help out in such situations.

Parrot recording application is one of the most advanced voice recorders for Android with the phone conversations recording feature. It differs with stylish “material” design and numerous settings for improving the memo quality.

You can save voice files in cloud storage; manage the clarity of the recording process (1). The app has a graphical display of a voice sound wave (3), can record via the built-in microphone or Bluetooth, and also supports Android Wear.

The application has dozens of different settings for different situations.

Record voice

You can use basic functions for free and without limits. Or purchase the ability to record telephone conversations, start recording on a schedule (date, time, and duration), and back up all records to cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox) or to the specified folder on the device.

Share record

You will love the following details: select the audio file format you want (WAV or MP4), bit rate, and even sample rate. Also, the application allows you to enable background noise reduction (2), echo subtraction, and automatic recording level control (4).

Excellent voice recorder on Android for professionals who are worried about the quality of recording for transcription.

Do You Want To Record Your Telephone Conversations?

With the help of Automatic Call Recorder, you can save any important telephone conversation and share it with your contacts.

It is important to note that before you start recording a phone chat, you must inform your interlocutor about it.

Share record

This tool allows you to choose which calls you want to save and which ones to delete. After the conversation is saved, you can add notes to clarify any information or to note something important, which should be highlighted.

And, finally, with Automatic Call Recorder, you can connect the phone with such cloud services as Dropbox and Google Drive so that you will have an additional backup of all your conversations.

Just download your conversations in the Cloud the way was explained before to keep them in a safe place in case something suddenly happens to the smartphone.

Transcribing Andriod Voice Recordings

Once you have already decided which voice recorder app is the best for your Android, let`s begin to convert your lecture or interview recording to text.

In fact, it does not take much time. Just load the needed voice file from Google Drive to your computer and open in your Audext account:

Upload your file

Even though all dictaphones are designed directly for voice recording, they all have additional features and a specific interface.

But it does not matter whether you are a student or professional journalist, the final material must be of the highest quality. Online Audext transcription not only converts audio to text quickly but also provides a minimum of pitfalls.

Therefore, even using a regular dictaphone in a noisy place, you will get a high-quality transcribed text with Audext.


A word spoken is past recalling. But not today. Android smartphone will provide you with everything you need, and a dictaphone too.

Work, studying, hobby… There are many reasons why you may need to record audio with a smartphone.

And lots of apps for this purpose, or even more. Today you have seen three editor`s choice dictaphone apps, which provide an easy and high-quality voice recording.

It is time to optimize your interviewing, writing an essay, and blogging together with voice recording apps and the online transcription software Audext!

Katrin Deres 06/30/2018
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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