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Tips for Conducting an Excellent Remote Interview

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Tips for Conducting an Excellent Remote Interview

Job interviews are nerve-wracking no matter how they take place. However, remote interviews are especially more demanding and fraught because you’re trying to impress interviewers while dealing with stress, anxiety, and in most cases, technology glitches.

The good news, while virtual interviews can be daunting with so many essentials to consider, it’s a straightforward process, and with the right preparation, you’re likely to get that dream job you seek.

Whether you’re having your first-time virtual interview or are familiar with it, these tips for conducting an excellent remote interview will put you at an advantage for your next virtual interview. Read on to get stress-free job interview tips.

Before the Interview

While it is necessary to familiarize yourself with interview questions, space settings, and dress code, you also need to figure out how to record a remote video interview and the best to keep your equipment functioning. Remote interviews employ more than a monitor, and it’s necessary to consider the camera quality, voicing tool like the microphone, and every other little equipment you might need. So, while preparing for the interview, make sure to:

Use a High-Quality Webcam

Due to advanced technologies, your visual imagery can make filmed pictures look exactly like the real thing. What does this mean? You can’t afford to use an 80’s-like camera during a virtual interview. A low-quality webcam also means interviewers won’t see you and your expressions, and it would also mean lower chances of securing the job. To pass an interview, make sure to deal with your webcam in poor conditions and practice how to record a remote video interview with your high-quality webcam.


In a remote interview, the microphone serves as your voice. Imagine trying to convey a message but can’t due to losing your speaking voice. Microphones help you interact and hold conversations during an interview. However, your microphone can develop unexpected technical faults making you look less professional during the interview. Make sure to test your mic before your interview session. If faulty, find a replacement but, ensure the new one works exceptionally on the interview platform.

Test Your Equipment

No matter how good your computerized equipment is, you never know when it’s going to fail you. So, before the interview, find out the remote interviewing software the company uses and conduct a test run to make sure it recognizes and works well with your equipment. This way, you can easily switch your equipment for another if you notice any glitch.

When It’s “Go Time”

Online interview

Go time signals the beginning of your interview. For this interview phase, you get to meet the remote team. If you’re not familiar with the phrase remote team, then it’s essential you know what is a remote team. A remote team comprises the interviewing panels. Since you now know what is a remote team, you’ll want to focus on your emotions.

When an interview begins, people tend to feel anxious and nervous. Remember, feeling nervous is a common emotional reaction during an interview. When you meet the remote team, take a deep breath, keep calm, smile, look poised and let your body relax to feel familiar with the environment. This way, you speak confidently when asked the interview questions.

It’s also important to note that remote job interviews are tricky. You never know what criteria your interviewer might grade you on. Distractions might also occur and catch you unaware. From your resume to your dress code, composure, and responses, interviewers pay attention to every little detail. So, when it’s gone time, be as prepared as you can be, avoid distractions, look confidently into the camera and have your resume ready. You never know when it might come in handy.

What If There Are Technical Difficulties?

Recent statistics reveal that 40% of interview candidates encounter technical difficulties during a remote job interview. It simply means you’re likely to run into technical glitches during an interview.

Hopefully, you won’t have to encounter a situation like this. But, if you do, it’s always best to have a backup plan. Get an alternative power source to power your PC, keep a smartphone at hand in case of loss of wireless connectivity, and if possible, input your details into the remote interviewing software on another smart device so you immediately log in when there’s a power failure into the new device.

Don’t Miss a Word from the Interview

Another important fact to consider is active listening. While it’s easy to look poised and confident, loss of focus can pose a challenge during an automated interview. Why? You’re in your comfort zone, and your mind could easily drift to different subjects during the interview. When this happens, it may cause you to lose track of the conversation or even miss some sentences and words.

An interview isn’t just like any meeting or conference. Whether in person or virtual, interviews could be the opportunity you seek to advance your career. Hence, it is important to stay focused, present, and actively listen during the entire process.

To achieve active listening and never miss a word during the interview, Audext may be the next best solution for you. Audext is advanced transcription software that helps you keep track of every word from the interview to text format. Using Audext audio to text converter automatically transcribes speech to text online in minutes.

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Focus on Emotional Intelligence

Today, we live in a generation where skills and high IQ are essential criteria to bag a good-paying professional job. But, do you know that a high EQ gives you more points than a high IQ? A candidate’s emotional intelligence shows how capable the candidate is of relating with other teammates socially.

EQ also shows interviewees’ ability to detect compromising situations and how well they navigate difficult situations while achieving company goals. So, during a virtual interview, try to show how well you can function in a team, feel relaxed and interact comfortably yet, professionally.

Likewise, answer interview questions like you own the business. This gives interviewers confidence that you can always put organizational values, goals, and objectives before making emotional decisions that may affect every arm of the organization.

Don’t Forget that You’re interviewing Too

The last tip to keep in mind is that even as an interviewer, you’re interviewing too! When interviews are held, whether virtual or in-person, the fact remains that communication occurs, and it’s bound to be an interactive session. The way you interact with interviewers tells your prospective organization how well you will work with others.

Plus, every interviewer expects you to ask some questions of your own at the end of the interview. So, be flexible, ask questions that delve into company values and workplace cultures. Also, use body language to interact with interviewers.

Although a virtual interview offers both interviewer and interviewees more benefits, from decreasing geographical constraints to providing a stress-free automated candidate screening, a remote job interview is like any other interview. The only difference between virtual interviews and in-person interview is your location, and you interact with the remote team via video.

A virtual interview gives you the chance to be within your comfort zone. However, it’s always best to stay prepared before D-day. These job interview tips will help you leave a good impression on interviewers while also ensuring you stay top of your game.

Katrin Deres 12/06/2021
Katrin runs her own podcast show and is interested in the best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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