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Top 7 File Converter Software You Will Like

File Converter Softwares

With almost 50 000 different file types out there, the need to convert from one type to another is a very common occurrence. Doing this manually would need hours of hard work, whereas a good file converter software can do it in a matter of seconds. Depending on the formats that it supports, this can be either a multidoc converter or a PDF to Word program.

The Benefits of a Text Converter & Why You Need It

Conversion is most often required when a text reader isn’t compatible with a certain document’s extension. Instead of rewriting the whole thing, you simply use a file converter software to do the hard work for you. It’s important to find the best PDF to text converter if you don’t want to struggle later on.

Old Version Compatibility

A common use case scenario for a converter software is when a program associated with a certain extension becomes obsolete.

For example, the DOC extension was used by older versions of Microsoft Word. And it has been replaced by DOCX which isn’t supported by every text reader.

Cross-platform Compatibility

For instance, Android and iOS use a lot of different formats that aren’t interchangeable. So if you want to be able to access the files from any phone, you have to resort to using file converter software.

When that’s done, you’ll be able to see the document no matter what text reader you’re using. A proper PDF to Word program can help you do this effortlessly.

What To Look For In a File Converter Software

There are thousands of text converters from a variety of different developers. And finding the best file converter depends on a couple of key factors. Most of the converter software focuses on providing a lot of outputs while not taking other factors into account.


The best PDF to text converter will also be the quickest one. A well-coded PDF to Word program won’t need more than a couple of seconds to complete the conversion. There’s no shortage of multidoc converters, which is why you should run a test on every single one.


A file converter software should be fairly feature-packed. It means that they shouldn’t resort to only a single text converter algorithm. Some of the best file converters support Excel, Powerpoint as well as other different formats.

In a sea of different tools, it can be difficult to choose a single best file converter. The following seven are some of the best PDF to text converters that will certainly fit your needs.

Seven Converter Software You Have To Try

Wide Angle PDF converter

It’s a file converter software, a text reader, and an editor all in one. Wide Angle PDF Converter allows you to convert, modify, and secure your PDF files safely on your own computer.

It’s one of the most comprehensive PDF converter tools for Windows PC’s. The free trial version allows 2 free document conversions while purchasing a perpetual software license will allow you to convert, secure, and modify an unlimited number of PDFs.  

Wide Angle Software
Wide Angle Software


As the name suggests, this is one of the best PDF to Word converter software that has over 20 different features. Alongside the regular PDF-to-Word, the tool supports conversion to Excel and Powerpoint as well. This makes it a multidoc converter as well as a free documents converter.

It comes with downloadable converter software for both Android and iOS. Even though this file converter software has a free plan, it’s quite limited in terms of how many files you can upload per task as well as their sizes.



Another web-based multidoc converter. Zamzar has one of the most simplistic user interfaces out of any converter software out there.

The drag & drop functionality along with the three-step process makes it one of the most simple text converters. It supports different formats which include images, documents, and videos. And Zamzar is also both a free documents converter and a PDF to Word program.

The tool has a built-in API for aspiring developers who wish to implement this converter software into their applications. Similarly to ILovePDF, Zamzar has both free and paid versions.



Similar to the previous two entries, Hipdf is a multidoc converter that can also compress, merge, split, and change PDF files.

This file converter software supports pretty much the whole Microsoft toolbox – Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. It also has a built-in text reader for PDF’s that allows you to customize them as much as you want besides acting as a file converter software. Even though it doesn’t try to innovate, Hipdf is still one of the best PDF to text converters.



Unlike the previous tools, UniPDF is a localized file converter software that has to be downloaded prior to being used.

It’s primarily a PDF to Word program that puts the emphasis on retaining the exact same layout of the original PDF file. Unlike other converter software, UniPDF is able to act as a multidoc converter even offline.

But this free document converter is only available for Windows-based systems which is one of its major downsides.



Even though it’s considered to be one of the best PDF to Word converter software, SodaPDF is also among the most expensive. It works as a two-way converter software – both from and to PDF.

This text converter works across multiple devices. Also, it has a batch processing feature to maximize efficiency. SodaPDF acts as a text reader from which you can apply certain touchups to finalize your document.

At the same time, many other converter software that doesn’t provide any customizability. SodaPDF is an exclusively premium file converter software that has three different pricing plans.



SmallPDF is a file converter software that doesn’t come with any unnecessary bulky features. Instead, it focuses fully on being the best PDF to text converter out there.

Alongside the browser version, this free document converter has four desktop/mobile apps depending on your OS. And additional three web extensions.

If you’re a fan of unobtrusive tools, SmallPDF might be the best PDF to Word converter software for you. It’s also ISO 27001 certified, which makes it a highly secure file converter software.


Which one you’ll choose depends on your perspective of what the best PDF to Word converter software is. It’s best to test out every single one until you find a file converter software that suits your needs.

How Audext Can Benefit File Converter Software

In order to take advantage of a PDF to Word program, you need to have something to convert.

Maybe you have an audio recording that you’d like to have in a textual format, but you don’t want to go through the struggle of writing it out. Audext will rid you of these troubles though it’s AI-based efficient algorithms.

Even the best PDF to Word converter software won’t be of any use unless the original file is error-free and ready to be processed. This is why Audext puts the emphasis on precision so that once you decide to use a file converter software, it’s simple and concise. When coupled with a solid free documents converter, the possibilities are endless.

Audext can also be considered as an audio converter software since it takes an audio file and outputs it in textual format.

However, it only has two available options as far as the extensions go – TXT and DOC. This is where your chosen best PDF to Word converter software comes into play – simply upload it and choose the wanted format.

Before doing this, you can make any wanted modifications to your transcript through Audext’s built-in text editor. This way, you can simply use converter software without having to proofread it afterward.

If you want to use file converter software to its full potential, it’s a good idea to start with Audext. The 30-minute free trial will give you a taste of what you can achieve with little to no struggle.

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