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Transcriptions and Translations: Uses and Technology

How to transcribe
Transcriptions and Translations

Transcription Definition

Transcription involves putting down into writing words from an audio file. It simply implies listening to an audio file and taking note of words or dialogue from the audio context. The listener writes spoken words from the audio file in the same language the speaker uses.

With transcription, speakers of the original language will immediately grasp the information from the transcribed words.

If a client asks for a transcription service, the transcriber must be able to transform the audio into a written format. However, the results are always in the same language as the recording.

Translation Definition

Translation Definition

Translation involves the conversion of written words in one language to another language. For example, converting a written context from German to English to satisfy certain listeners.

Most times, for translation to happen, transcription comes first by converting the audio file into a text format. It can then be translated into another language different from the initial one.

For any of these two language services, you’ll need to hire professional services or linguists to ensure quality results.

Transcription vs. Translation

What is the difference between transcription and translation? Many professional platforms and companies offer both services.

Transcription services help in providing written text for lectures, interviews, and consultations. Transcription can be applied to various sectors such as business, education, politics, medicine, and so on.

In comparison to Translation, transcription only deals with one language at a time. To see the distinction between these language services, here are a few transcription applications and processes.

●        Language sources may be in speech or sign language. Apart from verbal sources, contents can also be in a different writing system.

●        Transcription is also essential in advertising campaigns of services shown in foreign markets. The transcription of the audio and video campaign materials assists in promoting messages inconsistently.

●        In academic sectors, it is a very vital aspect in the system of methods of conversation analysis, dialectology, phonetics, etc. It also aids in various sub-components in speech technology.

●        Another promising sector transcription works effectively is in the legislature. It takes place during a major court hearing. It is very common when recording witness statements. Where recordings are transcribed into a written format for evidence awaiting the court’s hearing.

●        As stated earlier, transcription only works in one language. Therefore, fluency is very important in that language.

●        Its basic process happens with different formats in place. It is from a recorded format to a written one.

On the other hand, translation, which involves conversion from an initial language to the target language. Let’s discuss steps to give translate definition with its applications.

●        Translators must be very competent in creative writing to accurately deliver the expected message of the source document.

●        For translation, it only requires written text. Most times, clients may possess only video or audio content of the source material. In this situation, before translation, these media files will first be transcribed.

●        Following the current technological advancement and multiculturalism, translation is very essential. It helps provide mutual agreement, understanding, and better communication amongst people in various settings. From the egalitarian point of view, translation promotes diversity and equality.

●      It involves only the written format.

●    Translations embody two main categories: literary and non-literary. The literary aspect involves the translation of literature such as novels, poems, stories, and so on. While for the nonliterary part, scientific, legal, and other specific files undergo the translation process.

●  Similar to transcription, the need for highly skilled personnel is required. And it’s important that the translator must be proficient in the target language. The skillfulness of the translator is very vital, advisable to work with translators who are native speakers. The translator must be able to communicate and understand the culture of the target language. Knowing all their grammatical complexity, slang, idioms, and certain cultural signs.

When Is Audio Transcription Needed?

Audio Transcription Needed

In the film and Tv industry, instead of watching through hours of footage after a lengthy shoot, transcription can help. You use a transcript to find the part you need access to. For fast production in the entertainment industry, transcription services are often employed.

In Podcast and Video Marketing, transcriptions assist by increasing the accessibility of your content. Here, transcripts of podcasts and videos will increase accessibility and help improve the SEO of your content.

Within legal meetings, you might need a word-for-word record of audio or video content. These would create easy access to the audio transcription to be used as evidence in a court setting.

In HR meetings, when you need an accountable record of every detail discussed in an important meeting, audio transcription is recommended.

During Market Research, it’s easy to complete your survey from an audio transcription. Instead of rewinding through the audio to get juicy information, you get this information fast and easy with transcription.

When is Translation Needed?

Audio translation is much more complex than transcription. It requires a fluent translator both in the source language and the target language. Translations are a very sensitive context and very subjective.

 Transcription will only provide you with a text copy of a media file. So, if you’re looking for the meaning of something that is communicated in another language, a translator is the right language processor.

Technology in Transcription and Translation Services

In the modern world, technology provides great assistance for individuals and also enterprises to take action on video and audio content. By providing audio transcription jobs, technology advancement helps different bodies control and access media files with ease. This transcription agency uses automated software to hasten the process of transcription and translation.

With several audio transcription software available, make sure you choose one that will provide high accuracy results. While some are available for free, few offer paid services with advanced features.

How can Audext Transcription Software be Useful for You?

Audext Transcription Software be Useful for You

The process of transcriptions and translations requires enormous work. But the outcome must provide an outstanding result and effective communication of information. If you’re thinking about how to get the right transcription software for your projects, Audext is here for you.

Audext is an online platform developed to help various bodies to transcribe their video/audio content to written format. Our cloud includes using cutting-edge machine learning Audext audio to text converter transcribes your text automatically. 

With our transcription services, we assure

●        Fast transcription,

●        In-built editor processing,

●        Cost-effectiveness,

●        Speaker identification, and

●        Support of various audio and video file formats.

Audext is a smart service for transcribing your speech to text online. We offer economical solutions for different life situations.

With Audext, there is no need to install the software on your computer. All you need to do is: Just open the browser and transcribe speech to text, edit the result online and save it in TXT or DOCX format.

Start using Audext today and enjoy our convenient user interface including; fast audio to text transcription, high voice recognition accuracy, minimal audio stream dashboard, speakers’ names auto-filling, text timings tracking, and auto-saving of all changes. We also give first-timers the opportunity to start for free.

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Katrin Deres 10/14/2021
Katrin runs her own podcast show, and interested in best ways to transcribe audio recordings into text.
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